Dancing Pokemon Fighter

07/04/2014 10:55

It was no dream that didn't end. A paradise with a time limit. The irrationality of accepting a paradise, but not accepting the death of the paradise. There was no rationality there. What was there was, probably, fear. Because unlike me, who didn't know anything, she knew. Once she thought of the possible loss, she should have become scared. Wasn't that right? Because that a dream will end, that one will wake up from a dream—wasn't guaranteed. "—Miss, will you get on?" Below the bank, someone called from above the river. We didn't stop. When we turned our heads, there was a single boat that ran parallel to the river There was a woman holding a scythe and a woman holding the Rod • of Remorse. The boat was small, but it seemed like the two of us could get OIL The one who called out to us was the one holding the scythe, which she was using as an oar. "We're out of business, so—if you're coming to this side, we could give you a ride."


"I'm sorry; I'll pass." I lowered my head honestly. "Besides, no one has six sen anymore."' "It's all right, it's all right, it's fine, it's fine; if you get on right now, this will pay for everything— Kyan!" AK she was hit. The woman who had been sitting stood up angrily, reached up, and hit the other one's head with the rod in her hand. "Shame on you. Be aware of your crime. Don't make suspicious sales. Anyway, what did you mean by calling me 'this'?" She continued to hit her while lecturing, and each time, the woman cried out. It seemed somewhat fun. "You lack a little too much professionalism. Inviting humans who aren't supposed to cross is what devils do."