Ace Will Never Die

07/04/2014 11:01

"Um but " The woman who had beome teary eyed looked at us. No, she looked at Mary. The woman who was hitting her stopped too, and looked at Mary. Perhaps because she knew her, Mary smiled at her instead of greeting her, but the woman's expression became stern. "You aren't coming—Yakmno Yukari?" "I'm—Maiibel Han."


The woman looked down once and "Is that so? Then, have a good journey." She said that easily and sat in the boat. The other one became flustered, and she hit her and murmured, "We're going Komachi." She didn't try to look this way anymore. The woman who was called Komachi lastly waved her hand to us, and moved her scythe after that and changed the direction of the boat. The river had become wide like an ocean before I knew it, and—aiming at its end, they disappeared. The small boat quickly became unable to be seen, and without even being able to hear the sound of waves, there were the two of us again.


We looked at each other, and in the end, not saying anything, we walked. Intertwining our fingers a little more than before, and gripping tighter. Holding hands, Mary and I continued to walk. The last road.


While I trudged, I was in fact making my resolve. To, at least in the end, settle things by myself Because there was one more thing left that I had to say. I don't want to be roundabout after coming to this point, so P11 just say it, Mary." Stopping my feet, I turned to the side. I didn't let go of her hand. No one was in the world that was dyed red. I looked at Mary, and Mary was looking at me. No one was here. No one was watching. Reserve and regret weren't needed. —Being honest in at least the end. While remembering her words, I spoke. "Why did you do something this stupid?" "Something stupid hentai ecchi—? What are you talking about?" Mary smiled as she played dumb. I became angry at that action. I couldn't keep cairn. Even though I didn't have the right to be angry, and Mary had the right to get angry and cry—she didn't try to do that, and accepted it silently. That was why I got angry. "What's stupid's stupid! Are you stupid? Are you!?" "If you keep on saying stupid, you'll become stupid yourself" "Oh, I don't care, it's fine if I get your stupidity! If you'll survive by that, I don't care how much of it I get."

Mary became silent and didn't deny it. The part of my heart that had wished that shattered. As I thought. Mary would disappear. It was clear, there was no way to deny it.